Why Local Food Stores use Cookaborough

Already set up to reap significant reward with an additional revenue stream.

While serving locals with your quality items may be rewarding, you often carry high costs with unpredictable returns. Ensuring that cabinets and shelves are fully stocked for walk-ins can lead to wasted food and profits.

Our platform can benefit any local food store by allowing an additional revenue stream to run alongside normal day to day operations. Cookaborough powers a curated weekly menu, pre-ordered from customers who sign up to receive it in their inbox every week. Once the menu ‘closes’ for the week you have full visibility on all orders, know exactly how to staff, what stock to buy, and what your profits will be for that week.

Already equipped with on-site kitchens, chefs, storage and foot traffic, your food store is perhaps the best suited retail business category to reap the full benefits of the Clever Batch model powered by Cookaborough’s platform.

"Cookaborough has been a game changer for us. It's given us precious time to focus on what we love most and brainstorm dishes every week without the worry that we used to have about whether they would sell."

Kelly, Eastwood's, Bermigui NSW

Predictable and consistent

Your weekly menus close at a time that suits you, orders are aggregated so you can prepare them in a batch, fulfilling orders on your quiet days. We call this Clever Batch. Harness your existing infrastructure and amplify your revenue. 

Build deeper connections

Deepen connections with locals by connecting with them every week through the platform. Inbuilt marketing tools will help you get to know your customers and what they like. Tell your story of how you’re going, what’s on the menu and why, and any other local news you’d like to share, every week.Reduce food waste

Relying on unpredictable foot traffic and guesswork around stock levels results in food waste. A guarantee that every cooked meal would be sold would be ideal! At least running a weekly pre-ordered menu online can mitigate some food waste, and have your weekly (waste-free) menu go from strength to strength.

Reach your full potential

As you know, food store operations can be rewarding yet overwhelming - there are so many moving parts. You are already well set up with a functional kitchen, chefs to cook, and an existing customer base. Cookaborough allows you to reap the full benefits of what you have already built by creating an additional business stream that you can depend on.

Deliveries made easy

Taking on a delivery operation can feel like a lot to handle, but managing weekly deliveries becomes a breeze with Cookaborough as meal deliveries are scheduled for one day only, and that day can be whichever day is most convenient for you. Cookaborough’s delivery zoning and routing tools allow you to decide what will work for you and how much to charge. And of course you can also offer pickup as you already have a store!

New way to keep customers engaged

Your store’s signature seasonal menu is a staple in your establishment and keeps your most loyal patrons returning. But why not draw in new customers at the same time? With Cookaborough’s weekly changing menu your chefs can let their creative juices flow. Offering a variety of meals to your customers will have them excited for what’s to come next week, and may prompt them to check out your in-store offerings on a more frequent basis, too.

While it may seem like adding a new sales operation might be a lot to handle, our platform can actually help local food stores make current operations more efficient, all the while maximising the revenue of existing assets.

We want more members of your community to both appreciate your passion and recognise the importance of supporting local businesses every day of the week. Think of your weekly menu as a new pillar of your business that not only provides a reliable revenue stream but strengthens your relationship with your community as well.

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