Why Home Cooks use Cookaborough

With automation where it matters, stay in control and leave the pesky admin to us.

Keep your personal touch, lose the pain

You already know the weekly cycle is a smart way to run a food business. And serving locals is rewarding. Doing it from home is convenient and often the only way. It’s also good for neighbourhoods, it’s financially profitable work for a parent at home with children and a viable option for foodies wanting to start their own gig who have a loyal following.

Using Cookaborough allows you to run this smart system without the headaches – we automate the annoying time- wasting parts – aggregated orders and shopping lists, ingredient labels with logos, emails, menus, pricing, and heaps more – while leaving room for your own personal touches and conversations with your customers.

Payments and paperwork made simple

Cookaborough has integrated payment gateway Stripe into the platform to manage customer payments. We also offer a way to accommodate cash payments so there’s no frustration reconciling payments to orders every week. All your results are automatically compiled and ready to access from a single dashboard, including your most popular meals and how much each customer tends to spend across menu cycles.

Insurance means peace of mind

The price tag attached to insurance deters some home cooks getting insured, leaving them vulnerable to third party risk. A unique policy covers Cookaborough users, specially customised to accommodate the needs of

a food business. The policy includes $5m of Public Product Liability cover and other critical coverage that allows you to operate your business with peace of mind.

"Cookaborough feels like it was made just for me. The features I needed are all in one place. It has freed up time to spend on doing what I love which is being in the kitchen and cooking"

Amber, Cooked For You, Melbourne

Expand your community

When working as a home cook, marketing networks aren’t necessarily at your disposal, or even desired. News about your business is typically spread by word of mouth, personal social media networks or local rags. But if you are looking to expand your reach beyond your immediate network, you can select to be on our marketplace site, so the general public can find you through a basic postcode search.

Incentives for your customers

Applying customised discounts becomes tricky when done manually. Our automated tools make providing discounts as simple as an on and off switch, such as a customer referral program, first order discounts and other coupon codes, organised by segments that you can create easily from your customer database.

We can help register your kitchen

Kitchen registration is often associated with large investments, not only financial, but also in time. Many home-based cooks are hesitant to enquire with the local council due to the realistic fear of their operation being shut down if found without a permit. But councils, generally, are willing to assist with kitchen registration, as they like to get registration fees and ensure food safety is being met, and especially if they know you will be operating via Cookaborough. We require any associated business to be operating out of a registered kitchen, so are willing to assist with that process to make it as smooth as possible.

See what others are doing

Cookaborough’s software is already used by an extensive network of home cooks that operate their own ready-made meal business. We are uniquely positioned to offer insights into your particular business model, and can provide you support in ways you might not even know you need yet. Be inspired by other businesses doing something similar to yours, or compare and contrast yourself and discover new areas to improve upon.

Easily manage deliveries

The combination of our delivery zone and routing features optimises how and where you deliver to, deciding the optimal delivery charge for each customer while choosing the most efficient delivery route to save you both time and money.

You are in control

Cookaborough was designed to suit even the smallest business: due to our commission fee model, it doesn’t matter how small you are or how big you want to get. You’ll only pay for the platform when you get an order. Plus, you’ll get to do away with other fees and charges, such as website hosting, payment processing and insurance - we cover it all. You are in control of the size of your business and how much you want to cook: remember, it’s up to you!

Many cooks have invested in developing websites and other platforms for their business, allowing them control over their brand and communications. You might be thinking: why fix something that’s not broken? But we are confident that our services will save you time and make your business more efficient, while safeguarding your look, your feel and your personal touches.

Our platform's focus is on streamlining and organising your back-end operations. There are three ways to proceed:

  1. Building a web link from scratch on the Cookaborough platform, without the need for web hosting fees.
  2. Replace ordering app or web page or spreadsheet program in one go, with one low commission fee.
  3. If you wish to keep your website home page, your weekly menu button can be integrated seamlessly into your existing site, giving your customers access to other potential news or offers you run through your site, still allowing you all the back end support and systems for every weekly menu.

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