Why Caterers use Cookaborough

Experts in applying the batch model, Clever Batch with Cookaborough fits like a glove.

Predictable and consistent

Corporate or event-based accounts can often be unpredictable, leaving catering businesses open to vulnerabilities: last-minute cancellations and unexpected changes typically result in excess labour, wasted food prep and costs, and inefficiencies within catering operations.

With Cookaborough, you’ll be using the same, batch production model you are used to in your regular catering operations. By applying that same model to a new arm of your business, inefficiencies become a thing of the past. Scheduling staff and kitchen planning become a lot more straightforward, and lulls within daily operations can be filled with cooking, packing, and fulfilling new orders.

Build relationships with customers

Really connecting with customers can be difficult when you are tend to deal with only one person for each event. Cookaborough's software helps you to build up your community while seamlessly connecting the different arms of your business.

They’ll stay in control of their weekly menu planning, and you can stay in control of your sales and inventory. Our inbuilt marketing tools will help you build a trusting relationship and get to know your customers better. Connecting with your community just became a whole lot easier.

“The platform was easy to use and presented a complete end-to-end solution for us. It provided us with immediate relief during a really stressful time and helped us build an amazing new ready-made meal offering that is allowing us to thrive.”

Andrew, Blakeaway, Melbourne

A new customer base

Caterers aren’t usually in contact with individual customers: working with a third party streamlines many of the operational logistics, allowing caterers to concentrate on putting together their menu. Cookaborough makes it easy to build out a direct- to-customer sales channel with a range of built-in tools that consolidate orders and pack slips, manage payments, and map out optimised delivery routes.

Your food, delivered

Catering businesses may see delivery as a high obstacle to overcome; it’s an operation that isn’t typically part of your business model. Planning, scheduling, and organising delivery routes can be overwhelming.

With our weekly menu model, you’ll have ample time and support to organise and plan. Cookaborough's Delivery Zoning and Routing tools will both decide appropriate delivery fees for customers and plan out efficient delivery routes. Let our tools take some of these unfamiliar tasks off your plate.

Grow and expand

New local markets can be difficult to tap into, especially when working in corporate catering. Competition for catering contracts can be fierce, and the potential for new business can be extremely limited.

By adding ready-made meals to your business, and catering for individual customers, you’ll be able to easily attract new business. You can also easily incentivise repeat business by offering promotions and coupon codes or taking advantage of our marketing tools. Our complete marketing suite will help you develop your relationship with your community, communicate effectively, and increase revenue. There are also opportunities to support and work with NDIS/ HCP customers, as well as local schools and community groups.

Stay in control

Adding another arm to your business may seem overwhelming, especially if you’re already busy working on other catering events. With Cookaborough, you remain in control. Schedule your menu execution and weekly deliveries to best fit the needs of your existing business.

If your catering business is busier over the weekends, simply schedule your ready-made meal menus to close over the weekend. This will allow you to prepare and deliver early in the week when your workload is lighter. We’ll help you to maintain your business’s productive momentum while increasing your revenues. Getting into a weekly rhythm will result in a more manageable and predictable workload.

Labelling, sorted

Managing food labelling for your entire menu can be time-consuming and complex. Just input your recipes into our platform, and Cookaborough automatically takes care of label creation. Ingredient lists, allergens, nutrition facts, storage notes, and your logo are all neatly presented on the label of each meal.

Stay creative

Your creativity is what sets your business apart. Customers in your community are searching for convenient but special meals that break up the monotony of their busy week. The origins and stories of each creation is what keeps your local customers engaged. Your ready-made meals give them something to look forward to on a weekly basis while allowing them to support local businesses.

You’ll able to harness the power of batch cooking to save you time and money. You’ll simply aggregate weekly orders to schedule cooking and delivery sessions as and when they suit you. Our platform offers broad functionality to cover all your needs: from marketing tools through to automatic label creators, to maps of the most efficient delivery routes.

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