Connecting through Facebook groups

Connect with local customers looking to solve their dinner dilemma.

You’ve set up your kitchen, and your menu is ready to go - so, what’s next? Finding new customers might seem daunting to start with, but we promise there are people in your local neighbourhood looking for someone just like you to help solve their dinner dilemma - you just need to know where to find them!


A great way to connect to a wide range of people in your local neighbourhood is to join relevant online communities, such as local Facebook groups. It is the recipe for building a community!


Find your people

It is a great way to build your community!

Search for groups dedicated to your local area so you can connect with people in your delivery range. Look for local neighbourhood, business, sporting and family groups.


Try searching for specific food interests your kitchen caters for – perhaps it’s special dietary needs (Paleo, Vegetarian), a cuisine type (Greek, Italian), or even local produce theme (Farmers markets, seasonal produce). 

Be Strategic

Joining many groups may end up being unwieldy, so don’t go overboard. Carefully read through the group’s mission and current conversations to make sure it aligns with your offering.


Start the conversation

Think of your posts as seasoning: you’ve got to get the amount just right. Study the group posting guidelines. It’s important to respect what you’re allowed to post in groups. Some will only allow promotions on certain days for example. Follow these rules or you’ll find yourself being kicked out!

Provide value to fellow group members. What helpful tips and knowledge can you share? Get involved with existing threads (conversations) if you have something to offer.

Start new conversations by asking for people’s thoughts on relevant topics. Every post doesn’t need to be about ordering from your menu. Perhaps you could share useful tips on prepping certain food, or ideas on how to organise your kitchen. Starting engaging conversations will get your post shared and re-shared, leading to more views of your business, page and menu.



1.   Click on Groups in the left-hand menu of your homepage.

2.  Type in relevant terms in the search bar (e.g. your location plus special dietaries or cuisine types).

3.  Potential groups will be displayed to you: browse through them and check which ones seem right.

4.  When you’ve found a group you want to be part of, click + Join Group below the cover photo.

5.  Join as your company’s page or personal profile and click Join Group.


Creating content people want

Not a designer? Not a problem. Websites like Canva make it simple to create eye-catching posts with templates optimised for social media. Make sure you create personalised posts that mean something to the group you want to attract. Make the most of all the features on offer - add your site, location tags, and mentions. Introductory offers are also a fantastic way to attract new customers: You could add “Use promo code LOCAL for 10% off your first order” to your posts to entice people place their first order with you.

Anything you post should prompt readers to take an action, like order here or menu closing soon. Before you post any content, think: “What do I want someone to do after reading this? Have I made it easy for them to click through, order, or subscribe?”

Once you’ve connected with fellow group members ensure replies to comments are timely. You’ll need to keep active and engaged to build your community.



Kelly’s Story

Kelly Meredith is the owner of Under The Pickle Tree. Local Facebook groups have been a  great way to build her profile in her neighbourhood. When she started out, Kelly knew there was a lack of options for her type of home-delivered food in her area, yet she suspected there was an appetite for what she does.

Kelly posted a promotion to entice members of a local community page and received: 50 new interested customers, 14 of whom ordered within the next two weeks.

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